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What It’s For

PREP Profiles for Businesses

The PREP Profiles system is designed to help organizations understand and manage people throughout the entire Employee Life Cycle. Whether you are trying to hire new employees, build and coach teams, enhance leadership, or train people to take on expanded roles, the PREP Profiles assessment offers different reports to set you on the right roadmap.


The PREP Profile can enhance and streamline the recruiting process for companies.

Hiring managers can use the Job Match Report for Recruiting, which provides:

  • The candidate’s personality and likely behavior in the position
  • Comparison of the candidate’s profile with the target profile.
  • An explanation and rating of the implications of the matches and mismatches between the candidate’s profile and the target profile.
  • A report of the potential perceptions and misperceptions between the candidate and supervisor
  • Which work environments are most motivational to the candidate
  • Interview and reference questions best suited for the position


The PREP Profile can provide managers with insight on how to best leverage the new talent.

For Onboarding, the PREP Profile can:

  • Shorten the new hire learning curve
  • Provide managers with insight on how to best leverage employee talent
  • Give employees a starting point for development plans

Before a new hire begins, managers can review the person’s report and prepare to onboard the employee while building trust. If you are interested in learning how the assessment and related reports can help with onboarding, please contact us.

Employee Development

Employee development includes looking at individuals as well as the organization as a whole

For Employee Development, the PREP Profile reports can:

  • Assess change readiness and timing of communication
  • Help managers give effective feedback
  • Provide a starting point for development plans
  • Encourage dialog between employees and managers
  • Provide coaching tools for leadership development or performance issues

Team Building

The PREP gives managers and their teams information on how to work together more effectively.

The PREP Profile can help with team building by:

  • Strengthening teams by highlighting different work preferences
  • Providing insight on how team members can work together more effectively
  • Making it easier to discuss the different ways of working

Succession Planning

 It is important to be proactive in succession planning so when one employee retires or leaves a role, there is someone else prepared to fill the position.

The PREP Profile can help with Succession Planning by:

  • Preparing succession candidates for the next role by offering guidance on development areas
  • Helping leaders identify high potential candidates for future leadership positions

The PREP group reports can help an organization communicate through strengths and show how teams, timing, training and experience shape leaders and their teams.

How It Works?


Take the PREP Personal Strengths Profile

The cornerstone report for the PREP Profiles Assessment is the Personal Strengths Profile (PSP). The Personal Strengths Profile gives detailed information on an individual in three main areas:

1.Your natural personality style–how you feel you really are, or how you would probably be if life went exactly as planned.

2.Your first impression style–how you would typically come across to others in a first-time encounter.

3.Your adaptation to changes–within your current environment and your energy reserve for responding to current demands .


Decide Which Reports You Need

After each individual completes their Personal Strengths Profile, there are multiple reports that can be generated depending on which area of the Employee Life Cycle you are trying to strengthen.

The reports come in 5 different areas:

Personal Strengths Profile – A detailed report that includes the CORE report but also explains your natural personality style, your first impressions, and your ability to adapt to changes. The report offers insights and awareness.

Individual Match – Reports compare 2 individuals and provides insights and ideas on how they can improve their working relationship.

Group – compare multiple team members to learn about group dynamics and how individuals match with each other.

Job Match – Reports provided detailed information on how a person will perform a specific job. See how the candidate will “fit” within your company’s culture and  identify what types of interview questions to ask.

Coaching – Designed to help managers and supervisors understand how to coach their employees.


Turn Awareness into Action

After receiving the reports and becoming more aware of the different dynamics between your people, you can begin your development plans that may include setting goals, recognizing potential versus readiness and training and development.

PREP Profiles has a network of advisors certified in the tool that can assist in helping individuals and business utilize the information from the assessment.

It’s Quick

The PREP Profile takes 5 minutes or less to complete

It’s Accurate

The assessment is statistically validated

It’s Flexible

Take the assessment once and generate dozens of reports

It’s Insightful

Various reports can provide information for a variety of applications

It’s Evolving

The PREP Profiles team consistently researches and identifies trends to improve the reports