euodoō is a Greek word that means a pathway to success and that is what we stand for. By success, we mean the holistic approach of it that includes body, soul, and spirit. We are a group of businessmen who are passionate about Leadership development and Organizations success. We believe that true and long-lasting
success starts with Leadership development. Your investment in people is a big part of your capital and net worth. But also, we believe in Innovation and tools that can accelerate your results and support your plans towards success and profitability.

About us

euodoō international is a business consulting company, that provides
its services in the Middle East and Africa through software tools, top
management training, coaching, and teamwork assessment.

Our Mission

To Equip and Empower leaders in the Middle East and Africa to achieve true success through innovative tools, training, and consulting.

Our Vission

To see leaders and organizations in the Middle East and Africa inspired to experience holistic success.

Core Values


In Pursuit of Excellence
In Commitment to Customer Success


In Decency towards All
In Respect for those we serve


In Personal Growth
In Positive Relationships
In Productive Collaboration


In Our Words
In Our Choices
In Our Actions


In love to what we do
In love of people we serve
In love to God


Services & Products

Scope of services

  • Build and automate the workflow of your organization

  • Develop the Human Capital of your organization

  • Build your marketing strategy

  • Boost your team productivity.

The No-Code Workflow Application Platform

People Reading Effectiveness Program

The No-Code Workflow Application Platform

15+ years of deployments across global enterprises with thousands of business users Faster time-to-market
Easier end-user adoption
Less IT involvement
Lower total-cost-of-ownership
… without writing a single line of code.

Always Enterprise-Grade

– Finance
– Insurance Retail Pharmaceuticals Real Estate Education
– Energy Government Media/Telecom Defense

Used by Leading Companies









Real Estate


Driving Digital Transformation

“HighGear is instrumental in transforming our operations, bringing our users onto a common task platform that provides workflow and visibility.”

– Joanne Kinghorn, Business Improvement Analyst

“Everything is controlled inHighGear. 12,000+ publication projects are workflow-generated each month. There is no way we could manage that volume by hand.”

– Sammye Kline, Operations System Specialist

“HighGear helped us scale the volume of our underwriting system. My team can manage it ourselves without any programmers or developers.”

– Jeff Colandrea, Technical Architect

The Only Way to Workflow

The industry’s fastest, most powerful workflow engine delivers unprecedented




Business Processes,
Task Management,


User Adoption,
Business Operations


Greater Visibility,
Higher Productivity,
Rapid ROI

Trusted by Management

Real-time visibility into the status of operations to improve efficiency,
productivity and performance


Task Lists
Task Timers
Recurring Tasks


Activity Stream
Resource Utilization


E-mail Notifications
Task Escalations
Proactive Reminders


Wizard-Driven Reports
Dynamic Dashboards
Export PDF, Word, Excel

HighGear Platform Overview

Build Custom Workflow Applications

Form Builder
Visual Workflow
Application Launcher

Enterprise Task
Business Process

It’s Easy to Shift into HighGear

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People Reading Effectiveness Program “Transform the global workplace by increasing understanding and trust to improve personal communications, motivation and organizational productivity.”

What Sets PREP Profiles Apart from Other Assessments?

The PREP Profiles assessment is unique in that it can measure a person’s current motivations, even to the level of identifying if a person is feeling stressed. The PREP also details the first impression a person makes on others. By focusing on people, the PREP offers different reports showing how people will behave in their role, interact within teams, and how they will respond to their managers. Ultimately, focusing on each person will affect the entire company’s path towards success.

Each person needs to take the PREP Profiles assessment only once–then dozens of reports are generated depending on your goals. Also, the assessment comes in many different languages for teams across the globe.

Why Use PREP Profiles?

  • It’s Quick

    The PREP Profile takes 5 minutes or less to complete

  • It’s Accurate

    The assessment is statistically validated

  • It’s Flexible

    Take the assessment once and generate dozens of reports

  • It’s Insightful

    Various reports can provide information for a variety of applications, from personal development to organizational development

  • It’s Evolving

    The PREP Profiles team consistently researches and identifies trends to improve the reports

In 5 Minutes, You Will Have a Road Map for Leadership Development, Employee Coaching, or Team Building

The PREP Profiles assessment takes just 5 minutes for an individual to complete
and offers an assortment of reports between which jobs fit the person best, how the
person works in a group, and how to successfully coach to a certain personality trait.

How It Works

Step 1:

Take the PREP Personal Strengths Profile

The cornerstone report for the PREP Profiles Assessment is the Personal
Strengths Profile (PSP). The Personal Strengths Profile gives detailed
information on an individual in three main areas:

  • Your natural personality style–how you feel
    you really are, or how you would probably be
    if life went exactly as planned

  • Your first impression style–how you would
    typically come across to others in a first-time

  • Your adaptation to changes–within your
    current environment and your energy reserve
    for responding to current demands

Step 2:

Decide Which Reports You Need

After each individual completes their Personal Strengths Profile, there are
multiple reports that can be generated depending on which area of the
Employee Life Cycle you are trying to strengthen.

The reports come in 5 different areas:

– A detailed report that includes the CORE report but also explains your natural personality style, your first impressions, and your ability to adapt to changes. The report offers insights and awareness.

– Reports compare 2 individuals and provides insights and ideas on how they can improve theirworking relationship.

– compare multiple team members to learn about group dynamics and how individuals match with each other.

– Reports provided detailed information on how a person will perform a specific job. See how the candidate will “fit” within your company’s culture and identify what types of interview questions to ask.

– Designed to help managers and supervisors understand how to coach their employees.

Step 3:

Turn Awareness into Action

After receiving the reports and becoming more aware of the different dynamics between your people, you can begin your development plans that may include setting goals, recognizing potential versus readiness and training and development.

PREP Profiles has a network of advisors certified in the tool that can assist in helping individuals and business utilize the information from the assessment.

How It Works

Use the PREP Profiles Assessment for Self-Development and All Stages of the Employee Life Cycle

The PREP Profiles Assessment helps individuals and organizations understand how unique personalities play a role in choices and interactions in life. The goal of the PREP Profiles Systems is to support self discovery of personal strengths, challenges, communication style, problem solving style, and change readiness as well as help organizations throughout the entire employee life cycle.

PREP Profiles for Businesses

The PREP Profiles system is designed to help organizations understand and manage people throughout the entire Employee Life Cycle. Whether you are trying to hire new employees, build and coach teams, enhance leadership, or train people to take on expanded roles, the PREP Profiles assessment offers different reports to set you on the right roadmap

PREP Profiles for Individuals

PREP Profiles offers tools for individuals looking to better understand their own personality and how it is perceived by others. The myCORE Report can help you determine: The PREP Profiles system is designed to help organizations understand and manage people throughout the entire Employee Life Cycle. Whether you are trying to hire new employees, build and coach teams, enhance leadership, or train  people to take on expanded roles, the PREP Profiles assessment offers different reports to set you on the right roadmap

Your two primary trait characteristics

Which careers fit your personality the best

Your communication styles and how you can communicate better with family, friends, and co-workers

How to present your strengths in the workplace

The Employee Life Cycle

The Employee Life Cycle shows the different stages on how a person engages with an organization and includes Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee Development, Team Building, and Succession Planning. Determining which reports you need to design your roadmap all begins with people completing their Personal Strengths Profile.

Connect with a PREP Advisor

If you are looking to understand and manage people within an organization better, please contact a PREP Profiles advisor that can help guide you to the right reports for your needs.

I am interested in assessment reports for:



Employee Development

Leadership Coaching

Team Building

Succession Planning


Change Management

Stress Resilience

Hiring and Interviewing

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